The Nanoscale Science and Engineering Center (NanoSEC), created in 2002, advances the nanoscale science and engineering effort at the University of Georgia.

The center’s main aims are:

  • Bring together researchers from all areas of science and engineering with interest and expertise in the nanotechnology area.
  • Foster new, multidisciplinary collaborative nanotechnology research and educational programs through regular joint seminars, colloquia and workshops.
  • Serve as a credible platform for large-scale multidisciplinary external funding initiatives.
  • Aid in the acquisition and operation of major new nanotechnology infrastructure facilities and instrumentation and the establishment of Eminent Scholar positions.
  • Serve as a conduit for knowledge transfer, interactions and research collaborations with other nanotechnology-related centers/institutes as well as businesses and industry.

The NanoSEC spans five schools and colleges at UGA, and houses a newly-established bio-friendly micro-/nano-fabrication cleanroom facility. NanoSEC is able to leverage a broad range of existing, widely recognized institutional strengths and expertise, such as genomics and proteomics, pharmaceutics, materials synthesis, spectroscopy and materials characterization, ultrastructural imaging and microscopy, computational physics and computational chemistry, food sciences and engineering, and will build on these core efforts to expand into a wide range of new research and development programs.

Membership Application

The responsibilities and benefit of a member of NanoSEC are described in NanoSEC Bylaws. The center welcomes researchers to become new members:

Voting Members: The voting members shall be composed of any faculty at the University of Georgia who has been appointed by the Board of Regents to a professorial position or to a research or academic professional position and who actively works to fulfill the above aims of NanoSEC. To maintain voting member status, a voting member must attend an annual meeting of voting members or the NanoSEC annual workshop at least one (1) time during a three (3) year period.

Non-voting Members: Any University of Georgia personnel not qualified for the voting membership, or persons outside of the University of Georgia may become non-voting members if they actively work to fulfill the purpose and functions of NanoSEC as described in Article I. Section 2. To maintain a non-voting member status, a non-voting member must attend the NanoSEC annual workshop at least one (1) time during a three (3) year period.

Application for membership in the NanoSEC is open all year around. Applications are reviewed by the Director and the members of the Advisory Committee. Membership is renewable every three years.

NanoSEC Director and Advisory Committee
Name Unit Contact Role
Fu, Zhen Veterinary Pathology zhenfu@uga.edu Member, Advisory Committee
Locklin, Jason Chemistry and Faculty of Engineering jlocklin@chem.uga.edu Member, Advisory Committee
Tripp, Ralph Infectious Diseases ratripp@uga.edu Member, Advisory Committee
Zhao, Yiping Physics and Astronomy zhaoy@uga.edu Director